Funding – ACH Transfers

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The initial deposit minimum for a new account is $10. You may make your initial deposit by cash, money order or personal check (please refer to check and money order deposit requirements in the account rules).  DO NOT MAIL CASH, but cash (only) is accepted at branch locations.   Once your account is open, subsequent deposits may be made online via Interbets ACH funds transfers, OTBPay, credit card advance, by mailing a check or money order to Customer Service, or with cash at any Catskill OTB branch location.

What are ACH Fund Transfers?
An ACH (Automated Clearing House) funds transfer allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to your Interbets/Catskill OTB wagering account. We have two options for you:

(A) OTBPay  ACH Transfer–   For immediate credit of ACH transfers up to $1000, account holders can use OTBPay services.  OTBPay ACH transfers can be loaded via Touchtone phone or Live Operator.   Simply call  OTBPay at 1-866-LOAD-OTB (1-866-562-3682), option #3  to register your account information with OTBPay and transfers will be credited to your account within 15 minutes of approval.  Please note the minimum fees are $4.50 per transaction, and account holders are subject to OTBPay rules and regulations.   OTBPay services are available to all account customers wagering via telephone or internet.

OTBPay is a product of Money Movers Of America, Inc. and is entirely independent of, and has no corporate affiliation with Interbets/Catskill OTB.   To utilize OTBPay services, click OTBPay.  These services are separate from Interbets ACH transfers as defined below.

(B) ACH Transfer OnLineInitial ACH transfers from $10 to $300 will be credited to your account after bank approval, on the sixth banking day.  The fee is $1.00.  After your initial deposit has been successfully approved,  ACH deposits of up to $300 will be immediately credited in your account.   Transfers over $300 will be credited to your account on the sixth banking day.   (New account holders and residents outside New York may be subject to delayed transfers for ALL ACH transactions.)  You do not need to pre-register for an Interbets ACH transfer.  The bank account must be in your name.  You simply need your bank name, routing and account number, which is available on your bank checks or statement.  ACH transfers from are only available on line.  Established customers may request to increase funding limits by contacting customer service.

Is my banking information secure if I make an Interbets ACH transfer?
Yes.  Your browser and our web servers are linked through a secure connection, and all data is encrypted.  Your ACH request is transmitted to the banking network through a secure encrypted network.  We never keep your account details on our servers or databases.

How do I transfer monies from my bank using Interbets ACH funds transfer? Interbets ACH funds transfers are only available on-line at

Note:  Accounts opened off-line must first “register” for internet wagering by clicking here to register your account.



Enter your bank name, routing and account number. The sample check image shows where to find the required information.

Enter the amount you want to transfer from your bank account. The $1 Interbets/ Catskill OTB service fee will be deducted before the funds are deposited.

Click to authorize the transfer.

Print the receipt for your records.

How much can I deposit to my account using Interbets ACH transfers?

Initial requests from $10 to $300 (plus $1 processing fee) will be deposited in the account after successfully cleared on the 6th bank day .  After the initial request has been successfully approved, ACH transfers of up to $300 will be immediately credited (plus $1 fee), and an ACH transfer in excess of $301 will be available in the account after successfully cleared on the 6th bank day.

You can request that your immediate funds limit be increased by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-FUN2BET.

  • if you have had an Interbets/Catskill OTB account for 2 years or more
  • if you have no bank charge backs in the prior two (2) years
  • if your account is in good standing

Your immediate funds limit includes the total of all immediate requests made within the past 5 bank days.

When are ACH Funds credited to your Interbets account?

“On hold” Interbets ACH funds will be credited to your Interbets account at 12 noon on or before the 6th bank day after the request is made. If the request is made after 9:30 pm delayed funds will be credited one day later.

Bank days are Monday to Friday except for bank holidays. Bank holidays are New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Can I change the bank account I use for ACH Transfers?

Yes, you can change your bank account, provided you have no ACH transfers in progress.  A change in bank constitutes an initial ACH transfer.



Click Use Different Bank.

Enter the new bank name, routing and account number.

Click Submit Bank Details to register the new account.

If you had been previously authorized for an increased limit and you change banks, your immediate funds limit will revert to delayed deposits until your first transaction from this bank clears in 5 bank days.

INTERBETS ACH TRANSFERS – Deposits via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers are available at for Interbets/Catskill OTB account holders.   Your use of the Interbets ACH transfer funding system constitutes your acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use.  Do not utilize the ACH transfer system if you do not agree with these terms.

Please note: A $1.00 per transaction fee will apply for each transaction in addition to any fees incurred through your banking institution.

INTERBETS ACH Terms and Conditions

  1. Using ACH transfer funding system constitutes your acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use.
  2. Interbets/Catskill OTB reserves the right to deny ACH privileges to any account holder at any time for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Only one (1) bank account can be on record and utilized for ACH transfers. Bank accounts on record may be changed only when all ACH transfers are fully resolved.
  4. A $1.00 transaction fee for each ACH transfer will be charged. Interbets /Catskill OTB reserves the right to adjust the fee schedule without prior notice.
  5. The ACH transaction fee and total amount of the transfer will display prior to confirming your request.  Confirmation of the request constitutes your acceptance of the fee and amount of transfer.   Any applicable bank fees will not be displayed and are in addition to the Interbets/Catskill OTB ACH transaction fee.
  6. Initial ACH deposit requests from $10 to $300 will available in your account when the transfer successfully clears the banking network on the 6th bank business day.
  7. After the initial ACH deposit transaction has been approved, immediate approval up to $301,  and $300 available in your account.
  8. After the initial ACH deposit transaction has been approved, a request in excess of $301 will be credited on the 6th bank business day.
  9. Transfers made after 9:30 pm EST require one additional bank business day.
  10. A change in bank accounts connotes an initial “first time use”.
  11. Accounts established for over two (2) years with no prior check cashing problems and no bank charge backs in the prior two (2) years, or an account otherwise in good standing and established a bank account on record for ACH funding may request that their immediate funds limits be increased by contacting Customer Service
  12. Submission of required information for ACH consideration includes the name of your financial institution, routing code, account number requires authorization for Interbets/Catskill OTB to store your information in secured, encrypted electronic format.
  13. ACH funding is only to fund an Interbets/ Catskill OTB account for wagering purposes.
  14. The financial institution account you are utilizing for ACH transfers is held in your name and that the funds being deposited are your own.
  15. You accept all responsibility for all ACH transfers made to your Interbets/Catskill OTB wagering account in accordance with your confirmation and acceptance of the ACH transfer.
  16. Returned deposits and/or unpaid fees charged by your financial institution are your responsibility and you agree to reimburse Interbets /Catskill OTB for any and all such fees or charges immediately upon demand.
  17. Interbets/Catskill OTB reserves the right to recover unpaid deposits and fees from your Interbets/Catskill OTB wagering account and will pursue all relief that may be available to it at law or in equity, and you agree to pay reasonable attorney fees and/or recovery costs incurred and forfeit any monies remaining in the account.
  18. Interbets/Catskill OTB reserves the right to lock your account until your unpaid fees and charges are paid.
  19. An ACH transfer or check deposit returned from the bank unpaid, will result in loss of ACH deposit privilege and the account holder will be ineligible for ACH transfers.  Any wagers made will be considered invalid.   This may be waived by Interbets/Catskill OTB in its sole judgment.

OTBPay ACH transfers are separate from Interbets ACH transfers and subject to OTBPay terms and conditions.